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The Buckhorn Fine Art Festival exhibits to a broad range of art enthusiasts and collectors. The Buckhorn Festival of the Arts is an weekend long annual event that celebrates art, local cuisine and musical talent. For the past 18 years Brenda Little has showcased her art at the festival with great success. 

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The Artists of Kawartha Book features the work of artists throughout the Kawartha region. Find art from Brenda Little inside this book.

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Find featured art work by Brenda Little at Brenda Little Studio in Omemee, ON. Brenda teaches art classes out of the gallery during the week. Please contact for further information. 

The Long Road Home by Brenda Little (2).



13  /  10  /  2018

The Artists Books invite you to The Artists of Kawartha book launch. Find Brenda Little's art work inside.


01  /  01  /  2018

First day of art classes start. Contact us for more details.


15  /  08  /  2020

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival. Come see art from local artists around the Kawarthas.
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